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Tell them to leave St Paul alone

I hesitated to write but this question keeps haunting me. Is it true that those ‘old revolutionaries’ are still looking for counters?  They publicly admitted that it was their little tolerance for opposition, when they were freed from jail and were going from station to station trying to get sympathy from the public. They also blamed the Cubans for the catastrophe of 1983 and they even blamed their youthfulness. In short they never took full responsibility for their wicked acts which caused some of our children to be wiped out from the face of the earth without a trace.

Recently in one of your publications, they were calling for Cletus St Paul’s head. When I read the call for St Paul to be arrested and brought before the court for lying under oath, I immediately regurgitated my dinner. I became sick in the stomach to read that after so long these wicked people just won’t lay easy on such sinful acts that they have committed.

Your publication said that they are worried that recent information being revealed is putting the leaders of the New Jewel Movement in bad light. So as a result they are blaming St Paul for his lies in the court. Well then why don’t they tell us the truth instead of continuing to cover-up their ills? Maybe if St Paul goes to court, it will force a lot of people to come forward and tell the truth and this time it will be under the constitution that they know so well today.

I am asking these people to leave St Paul alone and stop making him look like a counter revolutionary who deserves to be jailed as was done in their famous revolutionwhen they used to jail innocent people without trial. A lot of us have struggled to leave that behind as we try to move on with our lives. You people are now out and free to catch up with your lives as most of you are doing. You have broken up people families and spoilt people’s lives for good. The good thing is there are those among you who knows that there is a God.

Old PRA friend


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