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The amazing power of a tiny microbe

God is the superlative specialist when it comes to using little things to accomplish his will. He used a stone from David’s sling to fell a nine-foot six-inch giant. He used Shamgar’s ox-goad to destroy two hundred men. He used the jawbone of an ass in Samson’s hand to smite a thousand Philistines. The staff in Moses hand came in handy to open the Red Sea and make a way for the ransomed to pass through. Five loaves and two fish were all that Jesus needed to feed a crowd of five thousand men besides women and children, perhaps a total of fifteen thousand people in all. The feeble feet of two lepers were the instruments God used to create an earthquake and the sound of an army from which the besieging Syrians fled from Samaria.

Today, we are captive audiences in our homes observing God as he is using a tiny microbe, the coronavirus, to shake the nations causing fear, death, and disruption. How big is this instrument of God? From my research it is only 120 nanometres in diameter. That means it is only 10 to the power of minus 9. I cannot even conceive such an infinitesimal object Such a weapon is more powerful than all the cruise and intercontinental missiles and airplanes in the armoury of the U.S., Russia, and China put together. It baffles the world’s best scientists and has its politicians throwing their hands into the air in helplessness.

The current Covid-19 crisis has produced some amazing repercussions. Consider the following:


The rum shops and pubs are closed and so there is less drunkenness.

Crime is down because potential criminals are victims are imprisoned at home.

The use of marijuana and other drugs is down because no one can go to the fields and labs.

Prostitution is down because brothels and other sexual venues are out of bounds.

Politicking is down because nations are in crisis.

Gambling is down because the casinos are closed and the Scratch shops are locked.

International conflict is down because of the fear of infections, even ISIS is afraid of this enemy.

The practice of false religion is down because pretenders are forced to do a reality check.

Economies globally are being shaken and shattered because their ability to buy, sell, or trade is severely constrained.

Muslims for the first time in fourteen hundred years have not been able to make Hajj or Jews to make Aliyah.

Christians have been forced to do church at home or online. A ZOOM boom is on and worship has become virtual.

All of us have been reduced to bandits wearing bandanas and terrorists wearing balaclavas.

Science and scientism have lost their competitive edge against theology and philosophy.


Families are drawn closer together and are able to enjoy quality time.

Workaholics are forced to take time-out to relax, relate, and rest.

People are reaching out to God in prayer and cannot complain about lack of time and quietness.

People are enjoying genuine fellowship together in cyberspace as they benefit from social distancing.

Revival is happening around the world as many are coming to Christ as their only hope since all seems hopeless.

People are sacrificing themselves for one another and sharing what they have with each other.

Those who are facing the loss of their abundance are returning to the basics of life.

Many people in 140 countries in 26 languages shared Passover and Holy Communion together online.

Jew, Arab, and Gentile believers removed the veil between them and pledged to covenant together.

Jews in Israel and globally celebrated Passover together for the first time online.

Political parties are cooperating for the common good rather than for selfish gain.

Jew and Arab worked together on the West Bank to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

Christians are being aroused to watch and pray and look up for their redemption draweth nigh

I could never have imagined anything so small that could have accomplished so much in the hand of God and in so short a space of time. If God can use such a tiny life-form to such a great extent, think of how more he can do. This should inspire fear in the hearts of men and cause them to cry out: JESUS CHRIST, YOU ARE LORD!

Someone observed that the design of the coronavirus is interesting. It resembles a diadem or crown. The sovereign of God is seen even in the world of the microbe. God is King and he has given authority to his Son Jesus Christ to reign over the nations. Since men refuse to acknowledge his kingship in the microsphere then he has chosen to manifest his reign through microbes in the microsphere to show men his power. When the nations rebelled against God and passed resolutions in their Supreme Courts, Congresses, and Assemblies to overthrow his rule he laughed at them and declared that he has set his King over his holy hill of Zion. They celebrated the legalization of homosexuality with the rainbow colours over the White House and abortion at any stage by colouring the State House in New York in pink. The covenant of the rainbow and of marriage were defiled by defiant men. “The mill of God grinds slowly but it grinds exceeding fine.” He may sit quiet in the heavens, but he sits upon the throne and dispenses his decree in his own time.

Winston Churchill regaled the valour of the Royal Air Force which, though small stood against the might of the German Luftwaffe. He cried, “Never in the history of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” Never in the history of humankind has so much been done by so little to so many. A tiny microbe is holding 7.5 billion people to ransom confirming the majority to their homes. When this disaster is all over and done with the world will never be the same again. We will change our minds about the way we do life from here on.

Hopefully, we would have learned some important lessons. Sadly, the only thing we seem to learn from history as Churchill once said is, that “we never learn from history.” Forty-four per cent of Americans believe that this viral attack is a wake-up call from God. I urge my readers, as someone said, to pick up the phone and answer for the call is from the King of kings and Lord of lords. He wants to do business with you. He wants to talk terms of peace for he wants to reconcile with you through his Son Jesus Christ. He is offering you forgiveness of sins and eternal life in addition to membership in his family. If you are smart, you will accept the offer. I think you are and I think you will. Do not keep the King waiting for that is not polite. Besides, it is to your advantage to response with alacrity. A tiny microbe may be a severe of instrument of judgment but it may also be a strange kind of mercy.

Alfred Horsford


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