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The rights of man versus the rights of God

In the US Constitution the chief RIGHTS of man are viewed as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Among the French these RIGHTS are stated as Liberte, Equalite, and Fraternite. Both are humanistic in nature although the US Constitution references the Creator, whose name is not stated.  They are man-centred documents which basically ignore the Sovereign rights of God and our responsibility to him. Nothing is said about pursuing God’s purpose of giving him glory even though the Creator is mentioned as endowing mankind with certain inalienable rights. The focus is on the rights of man – the creature, rather on the rights of God – the Creator.

These constitutions say nothing about the rights of God. Some of the subscribers of the US Jeffersonian Constitution were Deists, a philosophical perspective which sees God as having created man but yet is remote and uninvolved in his everyday affairs.

Man is left to fend for himself with God occasionally intervening such as in his response to the prayers of George Washington in Valley Forge. God is not regarded as the centre of man’s existence, rather, man is; that is idolatry. Since God is the Creator then what is created belongs to God and he has the right to determine the purpose for which it was created. That purpose must be centred in him and his sovereign will. Man, the creature cannot determine this. God’s purpose for man is found in his word which is the guidebook of creation.

It is little wonder that those who focus on the rights of man such as France and the US are controlled by materialism, secularism, hedonism and experience such deep psychological problems. Man steeped in his rights, alienated from God is alone in the universe and has no one out there with which he can interface or relate. As one Unitarian writer puts it, “We are a child of the universe.” Man apart from God has no purpose for his life and no destiny. He does not know where he came from, why he is here or where he is going. He does not even know how to live. As a consequence, he becomes depressed and continues to pursue goals away from God. He is plagued by angst or anxiety syndrome which is the spirit of the age. No wonder the youths continue to consume opioids and are destroying themselves. They are also confused about their sexual identity.  

Our lives can only be meaningful when we focus our worship on the one true and living God. He must be our IDOL and no one else – a living, infinite, all-powerful ICON. In fact, God came to us 2023 years ago in the person of his Son Jesus Christ who is described as the IMAGE OF THE INVISIBLE GOD. He is the only Divine ICON. He declared, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. JESUS GOD IS GOD ALMIGHTY AND ETERNAL. You must turn from sin and believe in him in order to be saved from the ravages of sin and destructive domination of Satan. Jesus can redeem us from bondage to sin, reconcile us to God, and restore our lost estate as creatures made in the image of God for the glory of God.

In him is the love we need, the joy we need, and the peace we need. We have no rights of our own but we can enjoy glorious privileges in a relationship with our Sovereign Creator who made us for himself that we may find all that we need in him.

By Alfred Horsford


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