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The Village Rams vs Kids

Hope I can be afforded a little space to add my voice to a discussion which ended without a general concession and it is the issue of calling children kids. This concern was raised in Parliament by the Speaker Mr Michael Pierre as he focused on Women’s day earlier this month.

Well in following the input and discussions of many, I have learnt that the word kids which is used to refer to children is not new to the language spoken today. I even heard that it is being used in the Bible.

I felt a little sad that the focus was raised on the word kids in reference to respect for women. Mr Speaker Sir you are a senior citizen so I am sure you heard the term Village Ram. Well while that is the root of many problems women must face alone in terms of singlehandedly raising their children because a village ram is accepted in the village and is allowed to go from house to house before he moves to another village. Do you take time out Sir to pay attention to death announcements? Try following the list of kids the Village Ram has produced in his lifetime and I am sure you would shake your head.

In the absence of groups such as GNOW taking up serious issues that seriously affect the social fabric of the land, the Village Rams will continue to produce their kids all over the place to the chagrin of the Speaker of the House.



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