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Three cheers to the organisers!

The event at the national stadium on February 07 had people in shock and awe as they witnessed a show as never seen before in Grenada. Let’s start with the unity – there were people from all political parties including their leaders making up the audience; the venue was filled to capacity. The mood of the people must also be noted as there are no reports of crime on that day so far. People have spoken of that intense feeling of joy which moved them to tears at the park. The occasion was nicely planned to embrace all generations and the idea of having a Centenarian Train is out of this world. For all of this we say to the producer Richardo Keens Douglas and the rest of the organizing team “please take a bow.”

The event has set a record that will be hard to beat in the future. Kirani James has started it and Grenada has won gold again! The memories will be lasting and will be spoken about for a long time. The Drone show had people mesmerized with the detail of Uncle Gairy looking down from the sky with a smile. His presence was certainly felt! We guess someone will sing, after watching him – “They can’t stop a praying man.” Uncle certainly had his struggles to become Grenada’s first prime minister and there are people who are still alive who know how much he prayed as he faced the most powerful opposition Grenada has ever seen. In the early days of independence, people from Carriacou would have never come to Grenada in large numbers to celebrate what was then called “Gairy’s Independence” by the opposition who was making fun of it. Carriacou was then the seat of Herbert Blaize who led the opposition Grenada National Party (GNP). Today we even had a Kayak making an input in the independence song. Take a bow Sir!

Yes all Kayaks –take a bow! The event even saw the presence of Angella Bishop – the wife of Maurice Bishop who, as part of the opposition, overthrew Uncle Gairy in a violent coup. Also the presence of Gairy’s daughters being there was a great show of –“Let bygones be bygones.”

Some older people having given a chance to actually attend the show to get a firsthand view of it, was certainly an idea outside the box.  Here we thank the mother of the longest serving prime minister who is now the Opposition Leader, for taking up the invitation to be on the Centenarian Train. Mrs Mitchell we say “take a bow!” In your senior years you sent a powerful message of love to Grenada. If we have read you correctly, we think you were saying that there is a time and place for everything and Wednesday’s Jubilee celebration of independence was an occasion to unite because it was a national event. Talking about unity, a video making the rounds shows the Opposition Leader sitting next to a former NDC prime minister and his wife. This can be seen in a positive light as well, as we pass on subtle messages to the younger generations. Grenadians simply cannot continue to be on the warpath every day because they support different political parties. Isn’t there a season set aside for political campaigning?

To the teachers who worked with the young people who formed the flag on the field, we say “take a bow!” It’s always a great idea to involve young people who will be the ones to keep the memories alive for a long time. It is our hope that they picked up some positive ideas at the event that they too can perfect and use as a livelihood later on in life. The internet is part of their world; it can be used in a positive way instead of spending time learning things that can only land people in jail.

This new government has a focus on the creative talent which should be attractive to the young people since some of them are simply naturally talented. The joy and the energy we saw at the park, must find a place in the plan for the future. “Mr Orlando Romain, a man of depth, take a bow as the Director of the creatives!” The many fresh ideas from you and your team cannot be ignored.

The inclusion of the East Indians in our Caribbean story is another idea to applaud; for too long they have been marginalized as a race. Some people based their argument on them being a minimal part of our population – but the question is who exactly are we as a people? Trinidad and Tobago certainly got it right in their national anthem with the inclusion of a line which says “Let every creed and race find an equal place …” This very line shows great acceptance for all the people who came (to the Caribbean) which incidentally is the name of history books our children use in school. Even the book called Our Heritage by Digby and Carter taught us about the different races that make up who we are.

The prime minister, in his conversation on Plan 75, mentioned about training teachers as a much needed thing. Let’s see where that goes in terms of breaking old habits and repeating unfounded mantras in finding out true selves.

Again we say hats off to the organisers of the Independence Golden Jubilee show at Queen’s Park!


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