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Two citizens receive awards for their efforts

A citizen of Carriacou and another from Petite Martinique were recognised recently by the police for their efforts in supporting the police Citizen Advisory Body.

The two women were recognised officially at a short ceremony at the Carriacou Police Station on Wednesday morning where medals and ribbons were presented to them by the Officer in charge of the Northern Division, Supt Essau Pierre.

He revealed that the efforts of the women were already recognised by the Commissioner.

According to Supt Pierre, Lyborne Phillip, a retired social worker has been a member of the Police Citizen Advisory Body from its inception in the Northern Division and has always groomed and nurtured new members. However, that role seems to have become difficult, as she told The Grenadian Voice the numbers are dwindling. “We started with a lot more members but now many of them have drifted away,” she said.

Supt Pierre praised Teacher Lyborne who he said has always rendered her support “whether it be for her famous coocoo for our breakfast sale, cakes, juices or sandwiches for the children party.”

 Phillip, in the most recent years, served as assistant treasurer.

The other person who was awarded is Max Ann Francis of Petite Martinique. Supt Pierre describes her as “Vibrant and hard working.”

Francis, a NaDMA community programme officer, is responsible for disaster preparedness in Petite

Martinique. She was elected as the secretary to the Police Citizen Advisory Body in Petite Martinique on the day of its launch in 2019.

Supt Pierre praised her efforts especially in mobilising assistance for Saint Vincent and Dominica in their time of need. “She is very trustworthy and confidential and plays a great role in assisting in the preparation for all elderly luncheon organised by the Police Advisory Body on Petite Martinique. She helps in the preparation and securing the elderly homes before and during hurricane season. She keeps a keen eye on the needs of the community and discusses plans to execute these interventions.”

He added that in recent time she has been in the forefront of projects in Petite Martinique geared at ensuring the safety and comfort of individuals in partnership with the police. 


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