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Why bother us?

I do hope that my letter gets published in your newspaper because I really would like to ask the question – why do governments waste so much time on issues when it’s just that ‘much ado about nothing.’ Since I have moved back to Grenada there is never a day that is not fascinating when I observe how you people do things here.

The plastics are right back in shops after all that drama. When will we get it right? We were told most emphatically that the plastics are so poisonous and are now banned. Well I have not been to any shop recently and not given a plastic bag especially the black ones. Then I was told that it was those with handles that were banned. So is the issue about the style of the bag as opposed to the quality it’s made of.

We are required to use plastic bags for our garbage and these bags are sold legally in supermarkets. Then so many items in the shops are in Styrofoam trays wrapped with clear plastic. I simply must ask what the fuss was about; when they will all end up in the garbage and the soil.

Then on the issue of sidewalk vending, we saw the confusion to clear the sidewalks in St George’s which made shopping in town a real pleasure. Sadly, it’s not even six months since and they are right back. The trouble with this one is that people with sight problems heard in the news that the sidewalks are now cleared for the intention it was built. So without a formal announcement, would they know that the vendors are now back blocking space where they must pass? I foresee the chaos to come.

Even the police were in the news letting people know that the sidewalks are now cleared except for the area leading to the terminus. Where are the police now on the issue? Was any survey done before the decision was made to move the vendors to Melville Street? Who gave the vendors the authority to ignore the plan put in place? Why are the police casting a blind eye? Whose hands are tied in this one?

I choose to write because I am tired of the ‘much ado about nothing’ in this place.



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