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Words of Encouragement 101

According to the words of Jim Rohn, “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”  How many times have we complained about our present situation and yet, we are not willing to make the necessary adjustments for our own betterment? Complaining does not bring about the transformation required but simply outlines our existing problems.  Therefore, let’s rewire our brain to replace problems with solutions. We all got it in us!

Through challenges, we can evolve as better and more resilient people. The evolution of COVID-19 has resulted in business closure, job losses or salary cuts. Nonetheless, many have put their gifts/talents to work to ensure a source of revenue monthly. Can you think of something that you can do?

We all have an opportunity to grow a little garden be it in our back yard or in a pot somewhere in our personal space. What about learning to sew? Many have utilised this skill to earn extra income. How about our love for baking? Bake some pastries and satisfy a need.

What about your future goals? Have your considered creating a vision board to map out the path to your future dreams? Why not get started now?  Document all that you want to accomplish and revisit it daily. Try getting uncomfortable doing something outside your comfort zone. Volunteer to do something in your church or workplace. Look beyond yourself for the greater good of others.

Numerous free courses are now available online. Why not sign up today! We all have an opportunity to develop our skills, enhance our present qualifications as well as improve our livelihood. For example, my recent completion of the course the Science of Well-being via Coursera has significantly impacted my way of thinking. As such, I am more grateful for the little things be it my job, my dog or just life.

Now, presents a great opportunity for us to find our true calling; to contemplate what we really want to do for the rest of our lives; or where we want go. The future is in our hands; don’t let it slip away with time. Work on being your BEST SELF today!

M. Janelle Lewis


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